Mobile Social Football Simulation Game

Fantasista is actually an evolution of our previous game, Football Saga. It still bring the same unique experience, user plays as a professional footballer itself.Train to improve the skills based on the desired positions: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder or Forward; then join a professional football club together with your friends. Prepare your formation, win every matches, dominate the league and be the next football legend!



Animated 3D Live Match System

Watch the animated match-simulation with 3D cutscene of the key moment like the goal process. There are also player rating, match statistics, live commentary and many more.


Innovative Club System

Join the professional club, if you have a good popularity you can join the big club. Discuss the team strategy with team-mate, do Team Up with them before match to boost morale.

club formation

Character Customization

Customize your character with the best equipment set. You can upgrade it to boost the statistics. Collect and activate the Skill Card to get extra stats booster for a limited time.


PvP Challenge

Challenge another player to prove who is the best player and gain the Fame Point. Set your challenge type which you best at (Sprint challenge, Penalty Kick challenge, etc).